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What is Strategic IP Counseling?

Darden Betts provides general IP legal services, including patent and trademark prosecution, and we also go beyond traditional legal services. Darden Betts pioneered an approach to strategically evaluate and overlap a company’s IP portfolio (trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets) to enhance value creation via stronger overall IP positioning and protections. The Darden Betts team has a 20-year track record of successfully using its Strategic IP Counseling approach to help its clients improve both revenue and value creation.

As IP attorneys and strategic intellectual property counselors, we help clients strategically align business objectives with their vital intellectual property development and protection goals. We work with both established and startup companies; and we are mindful that startups have limited budgets, so we focus on the strategic assets that drive the company’s mission and value creation goals. Key factors informing our strategic alignment analysis are how your company wishes to: (1) secure its competitive advantage, (2) attract and maintain customers, (3) accelerate sales growth, and (4) optimize utilization of its resources.

Our values

We are a client-centered law firm. We work closely with and value client input, making client communication and collaboration key components of our representation. Our objective is also to make sure the client is always informed and understands how the services impact the client’s business.

We strive to assist our clients in maximizing the value of their IP rights by providing actionable advice and practical solutions to help them protect and profit from their assets throughout the lifespan of their intellectual property.